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How Mold Can Develop After a House Fire in Arizona

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An intriguing concern is whether mold develops after a house fire. On the surface, there’s no connection between fire and mold. Fires burns homes and mold grows in unattended wet areas. Digging deeper uncovers common ground between fire and mold, and that connection is water. In summary, fire damage provides an opening for mold growth.

Water resolves home fires, and while it stops the fire from destruction, what remains is a wet and charred structure. Firefighters use a massive amount of water to extinguish the flames. Since mold can grow anywhere sitting water is located, a charred structure will not stop mold from growing. The excess water and the damaged structure are perfect breeding grounds for mold growth. Mold can develop as early as 1-2 days after an extinguished fire.

Because mold grows fast, mold removal in Arizona is mandatory.. If the home is salvageable, remove water from the home using a mop or a towel. Dry every inch of the home completely using a fan, open door, or open window. Don’t neglect salvageable belongings, drawers, cabinets, closets, and corners. Mold will develop in places homeowners’ neglect, so leave no stone unturned. If mold is present, don’t attempt to remove mold with the DIY method. It affects the brain, skin, nervous system, and breathing functions. A professional can remove it using their equipment.

Sadly, health risks and structural damage may prevent homeowners from entering the home immediately. Therefore, clean the home as soon as it’s safe to return to the home. In the interim, reside in a hotel or at a friend’s home. Contact the home insurance and home warranty provider about the fire and file a claim too.

It’s already stressful and frustrating to deal with fire damage, and now Arizona homeowners have to deal with the fallout. Luckily, Arizona residents don’t have to live with mold, water, or fire damage. Contact our fire remediation specialists to remove the current and potential mold before it engulfs the home. Our fire restoration specialists in AZ neutralize toxins, replace building materials, remove water, and protect unaffected areas among other things. In closing, our specialists work with homeowners to restore the home back to livable conditions.

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