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4 Sneaky Places Where Mold Might Hide In Phoenix Arizona

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Regardless of what products you use to clean your bathroom, chances are that you have at least one or two tools dedicated solely to mold elimination and prevention. You may even know the spots in your bathroom where mold likes to appear. Despite your clever tactics to evade mold, however, this unpleasant substance may have found some sneaky hiding spots in your home.

1. Behind the Headboard

After putting away the clothes, laundering the sheets and vacuuming the carpets, you might forget about the other, more hidden parts of the bedroom. However, mold could lurk behind the headboard. Pushing the bed out a bit could reveal a layer of the substance. Thinking about how close this mold is to your face and the air that you breath all night will likely make you realize the need to clean it regularly.

2. Nestled in Drawers

As you’re doing your hair after taking a shower, you might leave a drawer with your favorite brushes and combs open. Haphazardly tossing items back to their storage spaces after use is a regular activity for many, but this action probably means that you don’t get a good look at the drawer. Taking out all of the items may reveal mold in the back.

3. Air Conditioners

When the temperatures increase, you probably turn on the air conditioning units without thinking too much about the process. In fact, you’re just happy to bring the temperature in the house down a number of degrees. However, if you stop and think about the process, you’ll likely realize that it makes perfect sense for mold to hide in an air conditioner considering the amount of moisture. If you aren’t able to clean the unit yourself in a safe and efficient fashion, professionals are available to do so for you.

4. Vegetable Drawers

If you’re like many people, you probably have forgotten about a vegetable or two at some point. When you finally remembered your purchase, you discovered that it was covered in mold. Although you threw out the vegetable immediately, some of the mold might have remained. Pull out the vegetable drawers on a regular basis to give them a good scrub.

Mold is more than just an annoying substance that loafs around the house. This substance can actually cause hazards to your health and to the health of all living in your home. Clean the places where mold is known to hide, but also look into these lesser known spots.

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