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Could Your Rusty Pipes in Phoenix AZ Actually Be Mold?

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Residential mold growth may not be as easily identified as many homeowners may believe. Sure, if there has been a recent flood, leaky faucets or even a fire, mold growth may be expected. However, there are times when it is not so obvious. One frequently overlooked clue of mold growth in the home is the rusting or corrosion of the indoor pipes.

Why Rusty Pipes?

If the pipes are rusted, it is often associated with moisture and condensation. Even though you may not directly see the mold, it does not mean it is not there. Corrosion or wetness at the entry or exit point of the pipes or anywhere on the length of the pipe itself can signify a bigger problem. Unlike other areas of the interior dwelling, the mold may be more difficult to label for those who are not trained to identify. As a matter of fact, the “rust” the homeowner sees may very well be mold.

Distinguishing Rust from Mold

This can be a bit tricky for the homeowner. Contrary to popular belief, mold growth can be in various colors and can easily be mistaken for rust. Both are often found in areas of moisture and may share the same color or pattern. If the pipes or fixtures in question are not that old, if there has been a previous leak nearby or the wall or surrounding areas to the pipe appear to be stained by rust this can be a good indication that mold is present.

Taking Care of the Problem

Those who are unsure of whether their pipes are just rusty or growing mold should definitely leave it to the professionals. An in-depth assessment can reveal if there is a mold problem, the severity and advise on what items must be replaced versus what can be restored. Residential mold damage restoration in Phoenix cannot only eliminate the mold problem but assist in prevention of future growth.

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