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Mold Damage Restoration Glendale, AZ

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Mold Remediation and Repair

Thank you for visiting our Glendale Mold Damage restoration and remediation page! As Arizona’s leading mold and water damage and restoration company, Rocky Mountain Restoration has been helping people recover from damage quickly for years. Call us at 480-309-2524 for your FREE INSPECTION today!

Call us at 480-309-2524 for your FREE INSPECTION today!

Water damage restoration services

Rocky Mountain Restoration Arizona offers restoration services to the residents of Arizona to help them cope with the aftermath of a water-related disaster. We acknowledge that water damage is an emergency and you need to deal with it within the shortest time possible to limit the scope of the damages. We offer emergency water damage repair and restoration services to our clients and once one contacts us for our services, the response is immediate. Our highly trained technicians are available on a 24/7 basis to allow us to serve our customers diligently regardless of the time of the day. Rocky Mountain Restoration Arizona can make the difference when it comes to protecting your belonging from the effects of water damage.

At Rocky Mountain Restoration Arizona, we offer the following water damage repair and restoration services:

  • Water extraction
  • Property drying
  • Disinfection and sanitation
  • Board-up

Flood damage restoration services

Have you experienced flooding in your locality within Arizona, and you want flood damage clean up and restoration services? If yes, consider getting in touch with Rocky Mountain Restoration Arizona. We acknowledge that flooding leads to extreme water damages and that more needs to be done when restoring a home or commercial premises after the damage. As such, our restoration process involves more than just simple water extraction and drying. Flooding damage can lead to mold and bacterial growth, damage to electronics and appliances, compromise your property’s structural integrity, and interfere with the electrical system if not restored quickly.

We offer our clients access to the following flood damage clean up and restoration services:

  • Water removal and damage restoration
  • Furniture removal and restoration
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Disinfection

Fire damage restoration services

Have you experienced a fire in your property and are looking for reliable restoration services within Arizona? If the answer is yes, you can trust Rocky Mountain Restoration Arizona to get the job done for you. We have the latest equipment required for effective fire damage restoration and our trained technicians have the knowledge and expertise to get everything back to its perfect condition. Our company technicians have experience in dealing with minor fire-related damages such as kitchen fire damages to major commercial fire damages. We acknowledge that fire-related damages may often require major repairs and restorations, and this is why we keep training our technicians on ways to fix major fire damages within the shortest time possible.

Our restoration services include:

  • Soot and smoke removal
  • Debris removal
  • Water extraction
  • Structural repairs and restorations
  • Packaging and removal of destroyed items
  • Sanitizing your HVAC unit
  • We also coordinate with our clients’ insurance company to take stock of the damages incurred.

Smoke damage restoration services

Smoke damages result from a fire on your property, and it can have numerous effects. The damage will mostly affect your furniture, documents, and walls hence the need for reliable damage restoration services. It is also vital to note that smoke-related damages can also result from small kitchen fires or fire damages from adjacent properties. Although many people tend to focus on water and fire-related damage repair and restoration services, smoke-related damages when unchecked can significantly compromise the beauty and image of your property. Smoke stains in commercial properties can significantly compromise the corporate image of your organization hence the need to ensure that you get reliable restoration services. At Rocky Mountain Restoration Arizona, we are committed to maintaining your organization’s physical image and reputation even after major or minor smoke damage has occurred within or outside it. As such, you can trust us to deliver all the restoration services that you might need.

Our damage restoration services include:

  • Wall cleaning and repainting
  • Furniture repainting
  • Soot removal
  • Disinfection
  • Odor neutralizer

Biohazard and trauma clean up

Biological hazards pose a danger to you, your family or employees and require immediate action to avoid uncontrolled exposure. At Rocky Mountain Restoration Arizona, we acknowledge that biohazard and trauma clean up are not a portion for everybody and that is why we have highly trained technicians to deal with them. Bio-hazardous situations require the use of complex equipment and cleaning agents to ensure that biohazards are completely removed from your premises. Moreover, clean up has to be done within the shortest time possible without putting many people in danger.

Biohazards such as sudden death, catastrophic damage to your property, traumatic injury and related damages require experts to deal with, which means that you should never attempt to clean them up without professional help. You could put yourself in great danger if you handle biohazards without experience and the required personal protective gears required for such dangerous situations. You could also tamper with evidence in instances of murder or suicide hence the need to get in touch with Rocky Mountain Restoration Arizona. We have highly qualified staff to deal with biohazard clean up.

Our biohazard clean up services include:

  • Biohazard removals
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Sterilizing and sanitizing
  • Odor neutralizing

Mold Damage Restoration Services

Although many people underestimate the effects of mold-related damages, every technician at Rocky Mountain Restoration Arizona understands just how dangerous it can be. Fungal growth in your property can be a nuisance since it significantly affects the indoor air quality. This can be dangerous for people with respiratory conditions. If you are sensitive to fungus, then its growth can pose a health risk to you hence the need for restoration services.

At Rocky Mountain Restoration Arizona, we offer the following damage restoration services:

  • Removal
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Wall repainting
  • Furniture repainting

Why you should trust Rocky Mountain Restoration Arizona for all your Restoration Needs

If you have been wondering whether we are the best company for all your restoration services, here is a look at all the benefits that you are likely to accrue after contracting RMRAZ for all your restoration needs:

  • Our services are available on a 24/7 basis. When you experience any form of damage whether fire, smoke, flood, or water, you can trust us that we will get the job done whenever you need it done. Our phones are open 24/7, which means that you can give us a call even in the middle of the night, and we will come to your rescue immediately.
  • Rocky Mountain Restoration Arizona has highly qualified and trained experts to deal with any kind of restoration and repair you want. Our company ensures that we train our personnel on the latest restoration technologies and we guarantee our clients that whether they are looking for fire, smoke, or flood damage restoration, our experts are well equipped for it.
  • We work with insurance companies to ensure that we not only restore your damaged property but also ensure you will get compensation from your insurer. If you are insured and you are worried about your insurance policy, you should get in touch with us. We ensure that we will contact your insurer and make it possible for them to take stock of the damages to help in your claim filing before we start restoring your property.

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