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Is Mold Growing in Your Walls? Your Guide for Resolving This Problem in Phoenix

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dangers of mold

Mold Damage Phoenix

Although Phoenix isn’t known for getting a lot of rain throughout the year, storms with heavy downfall do occur. With so many inches of water coming down at once, it’s easy to see why so many homes end up with water damage in Phoenix. Unfortunately, many homeowners leave this damage to dry naturally thinking it will resolve on its own. While it’s true that some materials will survive, others will become grounds for harboring mold. If you’re worried about this, read the information below.

Do You Smell Mold? 

Although it’s difficult to articulate the smell of mold through text, it tends to have a “musty” or earthy odor. If you’ve noticed something different in your home, especially in areas where previous water damage occurred, don’t assume it’s nothing. In situations like these, it’s best to have a trained professional come and do a full evaluation of your space.

Do You See Mold? 

If you see any black spots near areas where water damage occurred, this is very likely mold growth. Mold can even grow further away from impacted areas, as water quickly spreads and not all areas release moisture as quickly. While you might think a few mold spots are nothing to worry about, the spores they release into the air do pose a danger. Additionally, there could be hidden mold behind your walls that you’re not aware of.

Should You Call a Professional? 

Household mold is something you should never take on by yourself due to the dangers and complexity of removal. In almost every situation, it’s best to hire a professional to do mold removal in AZ for you. At Rocky Mountain Restoration, we have special procedures set in place for this type of job because it’s so important to address every impacted area. From a thorough inspection to comprehensive removal and cleaning, we tackle every area to ensure mold is no longer present in your home.

What About Restoring Your Flood Damaged Walls? 

In some situations, walls that have experienced flood damage can be saved with a few repairs. However, this isn’t always the case. In some situations, restoration work will be needed and walls will have to be replaced. Rather than wonder what should or shouldn’t be tossed out of your home, it’s recommended to have a professional do an evaluation. Water damage and subsequent mold growth in Phoenix can be disheartening, but a restoration expert can help you create a safe space again.

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