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Why Mold Damage Can Be a Problem Even in Arizona’s Dry Climate

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Many Arizona homeowners mistakenly believe that mold will never become an issue for them because of the state’s consistently dry climate and low humidity. But under the right conditions, the presence of mold can develop and create health hazards for all residents of the house, not to mention damage to the structure of the building. There are two ways that mold damage in Arizona can affect residential buildings.

Hidden Mold Growth

Mold and fungal spores are present in the air even in the dry, desert climate of the American southwest. Although homeowners can’t see them, their presence can aggravate allergies, sinus conditions and respiratory ailments, making the home a toxic place for every member of the family.

The second way that mold can adversely affect a home even when humidity levels are consistently low is undetected leaks of water after a rainfall that can cause mold spores in attics, basements and other hidden places to grow and thrive over a long period of time. Even the smallest roof leak that saturates roofing insulation can become a ticking time bomb that causes mold to grow undetected for years. And if the homeowner doesn’t have a mold damage rider on his homeowner’s insurance policy, any and all damage to the home’s structure or property contents won’t be covered.

Don’t Get Taken by Surprise

At Rocky Mountain Restoration, we encourage Phoenix area homeowners to be safe rather than sorry. If you have never checked your property for unsuspected water damage that had lead to a mold infestation, either yourself or by a professional firm, we urge you to contact Rocky Mountain Restoration today for a free inspection.

Fast, Friendly, Reliable Service

Our expert team of water restoration specialists know just where to look for hidden signs that water damage has occurred in the past, often years ago, leading to the unsuspected growth of dangerous mold conditions. If our inspection does reveal water damage and mold development, we can provide you with affordable and professional restoration services that will restore your peace of mind. It’s easy and convenient to use our online form today to request a free inspection. Don’t be fooled by the desert’s dry climate. An inspection by Rocky Mountain Restoration can quickly discover hidden mold issues that not only create health problems but also decrease the value of your property!

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