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Keep Everyday Appliances Mold and Water Damage Free

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As residents search through the home for water leaks, a common place to search for leaks is appliances. Since homes rely heavily on water to complete tasks, water-operated appliances like a washer/dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, water heater, and air conditioner are in high demand. Continuous use eventually leads to a breakdown, so check around, under and inside the appliance biyearly.

In washing machines, search for worn out hoses, cracks, loose connection and corrosion. In dishwashers, check the drain and supply lines for holes, cracks, dents and corrosion. The pressure in both appliances can cause an overflow, so turn off the water supply to the washing machine and dishwasher when not in use. Never use these appliances unattended. Additionally, keep washing machines balanced so it doesn’t loosen the hose connection.

Refrigerators only have water leaks if there’s an ice maker installed on the outside door or inside the freezer. Ice making refrigerators carry a water supply line to make ice, so any leak is a cause for concern. Leaks also come from the base, so any water puddles under the fridge require immediate attention. Even if there is no water supply, checking under the base is necessary. The heat in the kitchen mixed with poor air circulation and dark environment breeds mold.

In water heaters, search for cracked pipes, damaged pipes, leaks in the tank and loose connections. Since it’s the home water source, a burst in a water heater is dangerous. The burst causes massive amounts of water to flood the home in seconds. Combine this with the heater’s hot water and there’s cause for injuries and burns. Get a professional water heater inspector to view the heater every few years.

The most common place for appliance leaks is air conditioning units. Thoroughly inspect the unit for damages, leaks and blocked pathways. Leaks are slow, starting behind the ceiling and walls of the unit, so finding it is difficult. It’s equally a hazard as inhabitants can breathe unhealthy air.

Water removal isn’t enough to stop appliance leaks. Fixing the leaks before it enlarges stop appliance leaks. Before any repair, turn off the water supply. What makes an appliance leak dangerous is the tendency to ignore the small details. Sadly, in cases where residents prolonged leak repair or the leak remains undiscovered, mold growth occurs, causing additional headaches for the home and the wallet. Should the leaks lead to mold growth, our professionals in Arizona are standing by.

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