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Unless your nose was bitten off at birth by a pack of wild raccoons (and if it has, by all means, please share your story), you know how bad a sewage backup can smell. That is, of course, a polite way of describing an absolutely revolting odor that seems to stay with you even after you’re nowhere near its origin. However, as Forrest Gump concludes after wiping his face with a yellow T-shirt, it happens.

When it does happen, though, there are several actions you can take to minimize the damage on your home, your nose, and future visitors.

  • First and foremost, make sure people and property are protected and/or moved away from the sewage.
  • Close all drain openings with plugs or stoppers (you may need to add weight to keep them shut).
  • Check with your neighbors to see if the issue is contained in the neighborhood waste lines or just in your own home.
  • Do not run water down any drains until the problem has been cleared up.
  • If the issue is in your lateral service line, call a licensed plumber.
  • Always wear protective eyewear, gloves, and boots during cleanup.
  • Consider discarding foam rubber, large carpets, and paper products if they come in contact with sewage material.
  • ALWAYS discard mattresses, pillows, food, cosmetics, and medicines if they come in contact with sewage material.

While sewage backup may not be your fault, your insurance company may not cover the damages unless you have a special rider added to your policy, so be sure to ask your insurance provider for more information—before disaster strikes.

With any restoration needs, you’ll want to call a professional such as Rocky Mountain Restoration. For dirty jobs (this one, especially), it’s always best to have someone else clean it up, right? 😉

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