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Water Damage and Homeowner’s Insurance

Even if your friend has homeowner’s insurance but not water damage coverage, he’ll still be out of luck if it applies to him. Arizona water damage is different than most other types of insurance. If you have flood insurance in Arizona, for example, you won’t be covered for damage resulting from water leaking into your home or property. Water damage in Arizona is considered a threat, which means that the damage must be immediately repaired or replaced. You won’t get any money unless you file a claim, too.

Another difference between Arizona water damage and flooding is the amount of insurance coverage provided. There’s a different level of coverage for flood damage in Arizona, and that coverage depends on the flood hazard area in which your home is located. In addition, Arizona law restricts where water damage restoration can take place, so make sure that you’re clear on the rules before hiring a company or individual to come in and restore your property to pre-incident condition. Also keep in mind that if your home is in an area designated as a flood zone, there will likely be stricter requirements for water damage restoration.

Flooding in Arizona

Even if you’ve never experienced flooding or water damage, it’s wise to be prepared. Most of us never think about floods, but many Arizona homes are located in areas with a very high risk of flooding. The National Weather Service issues weather forecasts twice a day in almost every geographic region, so it’s usually easy to see when water levels rise above a certain point. If you do end up in an emergency situation with rising water, whether it’s from a broken pipe or a full-blown flood, you should have someone with the proper flood recovery equipment on hand to deal with the damage right away.

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