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Is The Moisture In Your Home Making You Sick?

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If your home was flooded in the past, but it was never dried out completely, then you may have a problem. Many homeowners believe their property will dry out on its own, especially if it’s a flooded basement that doesn’t get much use. The issue with this is that moisture in wood creates the perfect environment for mold, decay and pests that can destroy your home and affect your health. As a top flood damage restoration company in the Phoenix, AZ metro area here are some more helpful insights we can provide.

Mold Loves A Moist Environment

Have you ever noticed your walls feel a little damp or have mold growing on them? This is a serious issue for the structure of your home and for the indoor air quality. When allowed to grow undisturbed, mold can quickly take over inside your walls, in the foundation and the spores can travel through your HVAC system. Certain molds are toxic to humans and pets and should be dealt with immediately.

Health Problems Created By A Damp Environment

When mold and bacteria take hold of your home, they can cause symptoms that are similar to allergies and upper respiratory diseases. People with asthma or compromised immune systems, the elderly and infants are especially at risk for the side effects of mold in the home. Pests such as termites, ants and cockroaches love a moist environment and will quickly infest your home when you allow your home to be riddled by excess water.

How Water Remediation Can Help

Even if you don’t see obvious signs of water in your walls, water restoration crews have special equipment that can help find where the moisture is inside your structure. Sometimes the water is inside of cabinets or coming from a source on the exterior of your property. You may have a leak that you’re not aware of that’s causing the problem, or it’s simply standing water that’s been trapped in the walls for months. When the source of the moisture is found, we will take steps to completely dry out the area.

Contact our experienced Phoenix, AZ metro water restoration experts today if you have moisture in your home before it’s too late.

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