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How to Maximize a Water Damage Claim

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It is vital to know how to maximize a water damage claim. Some people automatically assume that their insurance company will accept a damaged report. While this may be true in some cases, the more documentation you have, the better. It may also be helpful to keep copies of original purchase receipts and appraisals. You can even take photographs with your cell phone! Listed below are some tips on how to maximize a water damage claim.

Regardless of the type of water damage that you’ve suffered, your insurance company will likely deny a claim if it doesn’t cover the full cost of repairing the damages. To help your insurance company accept your claim, you should follow a few steps to minimize the amount of damage. To start, minimize the amount of water in your home as much as possible. If this is not possible, turn off the water at the source, soak up any additional water that is present, and take photographs of the situation. This documentation will be important in presenting your water damage claim.

When you make a water damage claim, you should document the damage that was caused by the water. A public adjuster will inspect the property and document the losses and damages. If your property is a commercial property, hiring a public adjuster is a wise decision. The assessment will be thorough and ensure that your insurance company pays you the most possible amount. You should also make sure to take photos of any additional damage so you can prove that you’ve had the water damage in question.

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