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How To Limit Water Damage In Your Phoenix Home

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When you walk through your front door after being at work or perhaps when returning from a relaxing vacation, the last thing you want to do is step onto a floor that is unexpectedly wet. When you do, chances are a water leak has occurred while you were away. Whether it was a pipe that burst, a roof that sprung a leak after a downpour, or an aging water heater that broke down, these and other problems can result in severe water damage to your home in a short period of time. If you’re wondering what you can do to limit the damage until professional help arrives, here are some tips you should follow.

Turn Off the Water
If you can do so, turning off the water at its source will immediately stop additional water from spilling out into your home. If any problems result with turning off the water at its source, you can always turn off the main water valve that controls water throughout your house. Although it may be a bit inconvenient, at least the flooding will be temporarily put to a halt.

Grab Your Mop
While you are waiting on professional water damage technicians to arrive at your home, grab your mop and start trying to get up as much water as possible. In most of these cases, it is the water damage you cannot see that may ultimately do the most damage. For example, if you let standing water seep into walls or ceilings, mold will begin growing very quickly, creating even bigger problems for you and your home.

Don’t Handle a Sewer Backup
If you have a sewer backup in your home, don’t try to handle this on your own. Since the water will likely be highly-contaminated with bacteria, let the professionals handle this once they arrive. By using specialized cleaning techniques and taking biohazard precautions, a team of water damage technicians can contain a sewer backup and get your home cleaned up in the safest possible way.

Should you experience water damage in your Phoenix, AZ metro home, call on us here at Rocky Mountain Restoration.

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