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How To Keep Your Property Safe During the Water Restoration Process

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If your home has been badly damaged due to flooding, it’s likely you’ll be staying someplace else while it’s being fixed by the water restoration company. Even if you’re able to remain in the house while it’s being repaired, your house may be a target for criminals who think it’s an easy mark to break into. You can protect yourself by taking steps to upgrade your home’s security to keep it safe.

Communicate With Your Water Restoration Team

If you have to be away from your water damaged home for extended periods during the construction period, then keep in touch with the onsite supervisor from your water restoration crew. It’s important to know what the team’s hours will be, and if the home will be left vacant during their lunchtime. Let them know who should be on the property and for what reason, such as claims adjusters or city inspectors.

Ask Your Neighbors For Help

Your neighbors can be your eyes and ears while your home is being restored due to water damage. They can help alert you to any unusual activity around your premises, and alert the authorities for you. If other homeowners in the area have suffered from flooding damage, you can band together as a community to help each other.

Install A Security System

If you don’t already have an alarm and camera installed, now is the time to do it. If you aren’t able to have a professional alarm system installed fast enough, there are many DIY security cameras that will alert you to intruders on your smartphone or another device. Depending on the extent of the damage and the length of time it will take for water restoration services to complete the job, you may consider hiring a temporary security patrol company to check on your property.

You can rely on our water restoration team to work quickly and keep your home safe while we work. We will keep your property clean and alert you of any issues to give you peace of mind.

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