How to Create a Fire Evacuation Plan

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fire evacuation plan

Fires can occur when you least expect them and can be one of the most devastating disasters to take place on residential or commercial properties. It’s important to be prepared and establish a fire evacuation plan to protect your family. If you want to prepare and know the right steps to take, there are a few steps required to remain safe during an emergency.

Plan for Everyone

You’ll need to take into account everyone in your household to ensure that each family member can get out of the home safely. Designate each adult to be responsible for a child or elderly adult in the building to ensure that they have someone who is assigned to help them if a fire occurs.

Choose a Meeting Spot

Choose a meeting spot with your family that is safe and is out of the way of harm if the house is on fire. The meeting spot can be a stop sign across the street or a neighbor’s house and will prevent anyone from becoming lost during the emergency. Every family member needs to agree to not head back into the house.

Check the Smoke Detectors

The smoke alarms that are installed in the building need to be tested at least once a month. The batteries in the alarms will need to be replaced every six months. A smoke detector should be installed in each room of the home and outside of each room of the house on each level of the building.

Create a Map

Creating a map will provide your family with a visual on how they should exit the building if a fire occurs. Draw a layout of your home with red lines signaling where they should head to exit the building. Place the map in areas that are visible in the house. Fire safety ladders can also be placed in each room on the second floor to provide everyone with a way to exit through windows if they’re trapped. Practice using the ladders to help each person feel confidence with the tools.

Creating a fire evacuation plan for your family will offer peace of mind and can help each person to get out of the house safely if the worst occurs. By practicing the right steps throughout the year, it can increase the confidence of everyone involved in the event of an emergency.

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