How Quickly Can Water Cause Destruction in a Home?

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Water is one of the most destructive forces on earth and it can quickly wreak havoc in a home, causing great damage that becomes expensive to repair. The longer water sits in place, the greater the damage that results.

Different Stages of Water Damage and How Quickly They Occur

Water damages can occur because of flooding, broken pipes, and malfunctioning appliances. As soon as water infiltrates a home, it immediately begins causing damage. Knowing the stages of water damage development and the timeline they occur in is essential for homeowners who want to protect their property.

Stage One Occurs Within Minutes of Exposure

The moment water begins flowing into a home, mild damages begin occurring. At this stage, it is normal to see porous materials beginning to absorb the water, causing furniture finishes to become white. Leaching of furniture stains into carpeting is also common.

Stage Two Occurs Within Hours

It does not take long for a home to fall victim to water damage. During the first few hours after the influx of water has occurred, the furniture in the home will continue to become damaged. Swelling and discoloration will occur, mottling the surface area of the furniture pieces. Homeowners will also notice the spread of dyes from furniture, draperies, and carpeting will occur. Odors will also begin to develop in the home and these will intensify if the water is not removed and cleanup does not begin.

Stage Three Takes Place Over Days

When standing water is left in place, it begins to cause a rapid deterioration of the home. Porous materials will become damaged first. When there is an influx of water, mold and mildew growth will begin to occur. Both are destructive and can even cause the air quality of the home to be compromised.

During this time, the flooring will become warped and water damage could begin occurring to the joists and other supportive wood structures of the home. If water damage is left to continue for weeks, the home may need to be gutted and completely remodeled.

Call Our Professionals Right Away

Water damage can occur quickly, and it does not take a lot of water to start causing damage. When a home has flooded, professional intervention is needed right away so the damage can be remediation. Call us today for help if you are experiencing a flood or water damage.

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