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Your Home’s Safety: The Top Causes of Indoor Floods

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As a homeowner, one of the most beneficial things you can do is learn about the causes of the different disasters that could possibly impact you. While scary to think about, the benefit of doing so is the fact that you could potentially prevent damage in the event of a disaster. Floods, in particular, are important to work to avoid, as they can be devastating to your home’s interior, exterior, and the belongings you own. To educate yourself, take a look at the top causes of indoor floods below.

1. Unsecured or Damaged Roofing

If your roof isn’t strong and healthy, a bad storm or even light wind could take it down. This could quickly lead to excess water being trapped in just about every room of your home. Even if bad weather isn’t imminent, having your roof repaired or even replaced is a great way to enhance security and prevent flooding.

2. Broken Pipes

When a pipe ruptures from old age or extreme temperatures, it can release thousands of gallons of water into your home. It’s for this reason that it’s so important to have your pipes regularly inspected by a professional.

3. Improper Installation

While installing your own dishwasher, fridge, washer, or any other appliance that uses water may seem easy, it’s not always easy to do it properly. Improper installation of pipes can mean a flood in your home that ruins the floors and walls.

4. Extreme Weather

Although making sure your home is in good shape is a great way to help minimize damage from extreme weather, it’s not always 100% foolproof. If there’s bad damage on the way and your home is impacted by flood damage, have restoration work done as soon as possible. By preparing to restore the damage right away, you may be able to prevent the damage from getting worse.

5. Water Buildup

For those who have basements or crawl spaces in their AZ homes, the risk of water buildup is increased. To prevent this, take time to have an inspection done at least a couple of times per year.

What Should You Do If a Flood Happens?

Indoor flooding is never 100% preventable with the unpredictability of weather and chance of bad luck. For these reasons, it’s crucial to know who to call in the event that something like this happens. In most situations, contacting Water Damage and Flood professionals such as ours at Rocky Mountain Restoration is key. We know that timing is everything, which is why we rush to you right away. Equipped with experience and the right tools, we can work to restore your home so you can recover from the flood quickly and effectively.

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