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5 Things You Should Do Immediately After Water Damage in Gilbert AZ

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One of the first tasks when dealing with water damage is to stop any active leaks. If you are not aware of how to shut off the main water supply, call an Arizona water damage expert out to assist. Here is the process that should accompany the cleanup phase.

1. Keep in mind that all water damage restoration jobs are unique. No two jobs are the same. The amount of work required to restore a building or home depends on the type of damage and how long the water has been present.

2. Once restoration help arrives, the inspector goes to work to inspect the property and evaluate the damage. They can do the job because they have the necessary tools. They will take a moisture reading and determine what type of drying equipment the client needs, if any.

3. Water damage should never go untreated for too long. The reason is that additional damage can occur. Dehumidifiers are an excellent way to remove moisture and prevent further water damage in Gilbert AZ. The contractor can also advise how long the dehumidifiers should remain in place.

4. The drying phase begins when the contractor brings in different types of air movers. They will likely lift up the carpet-damaged areas to help speed up drying. The professionals will do everything in their power to help prevent property owners from having to demolish or rebuild. Doing so could add weeks to the project’s timeline. The contractor will make sure that the water-soaked areas dry as quickly as possible.

5. Restoration crews will stop by on schedule to monitor the drying process. Crews monitor intake out outtake temperatures along with humidity levels and crews move equipment to where it is most effective.

Once the process completes itself, and the restoration process is complete, the crew removes the equipment from the home. They will also make sure the client approves of the work completed.

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