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4 Critical Mistakes to Avoid After Flooding and Water Damage in Gilbert AZ

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Flash floods in Arizona are a quite common occurrence, especially after heavy rainfalls, cyclones or even as a result of a faulty plumbing issue in your house. All these instances lead to mild or extensive water flooding into your home and house. Such floods can cause major panic and prompt you to take some mitigation measures. Of all the measures that you may opt to take, however, there are certain mistakes that you should NEVER attempt when responding to a house flooding incident.


1. Implementing DIY measures

One of the key things you should never try to attempt when responding to a flooding incident in your house is to implement some do-it-yourself restoration measures. Such self-restoration procedures can be faulty as they do not take into consideration important parameters such as the extent of damage suffered and the presence of additional potential risks. As opposed to implementing DIY measures, you should immediately call-in professional flooding and water damage restoration experts who have skills and the necessary tools to remediate any damages sustained in your house.


2. Entering the flooded house

Another mistake that you can make is seeking to enter back into the flooded house. After evacuating everyone in the flooded house, you should endeavor to stay away as much as possible until the experts arrive. Entering back into the house without proper protective gear can expose you to huge risks, one of which is being electrocuted as a result of electric wires coming in contact with flood waters. Additional risks include coming in contact with contaminated water which may contain microbes that may cause serious health issues.


3. Salvaging items dredged in water

Another mistake you should always endeavor to avoid is trying to salvage items that are already dredged in water. Items such as clothes, furniture, and other organic-based items can absorb and imbibe with the flood water. After a few days of soaking in such water, the organic material becomes a viable ground for harboring the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and mold. Professional experts can implement the necessary professional water damage restoration in Gilbert AZ  that can effectively clean such microorganisms and disinfect any contaminated household items.


4. Failing to inform concerned parties

It will be a crucial mistake to fail to promptly inform concerned parties after your house floods with water. Two of the most important parties that you should never forget to inform include your home insurance agent, if any, and professional water restoration experts. Failure to disseminate such information promptly may delay the entire process of getting your house restored.

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