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How to Fix the Flood Damages in Your Home

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When you see a flood-damaged home, you may assume that there is little you can do. All owners of flooded homes are encouraged to call professionals from water restoration companies. These workers are trained to handle the dangers and complications of fixing water damages. Even so, there is some restoration work that you can handle yourself.

Decide Which Areas Are Safe

First, determine the safety of the home before you start working. Wait at least until the floodwaters recede and disappear altogether. When you walk in, review the condition of the walls, floors and ceilings. Also, look for mold, a common problem that grows during floods and causes serious respiratory illnesses. You may have to wait until the area is safe before you start fixing up.

Dry the Home

The first goal is to finish drying the interior. Floodwaters recede and evaporate quickly, but you may still find puddles of water lying around. Floodwater is usually toxic, so you want to remove all traces of it.

Dry the house completely by placing fans and dehumidifiers around the house. Using towels is less effective at cleaning up floodwater. This also helps to prevent mold growth and reduce musty smells.

Tear Down Damaged Structures

Tear down the structures that are rotted away and damaged beyond repair. First, decide which structures should be repaired and which ones should be replaced. For instance, repairing carpet could be more troublesome than replacing it. Water soaks into the carpet and leaves behind permanent stains.

You cannot always point out damages easily. A wall could look fine on the outside but have a hidden mold problem inside. A home inspector is trained to help you make a list of the damages.

Remove the Unsalvageable Items

Remove the items that you cannot repair. Buying new items is usually better than keeping old ones that are difficult to restore. Carpets damage easily, so you are likely to throw them away. Items made of soft materials like rugs, books, furniture and clothing are rarely able to be fixed.

After a flood, some people choose to wade knee high through water, tear down walls and save what they can. Other people would rather call the water restoration company immediately and watch the professionals handle their belongings. Ideally, you should wait until it’s safe to reenter a home with water damage. Then, do what you can to clean up and save as much property as you can.

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