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3 Common Causes Of Flooding In Phoenix AZ

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flood and water damage phoenix

Water damage can be devastating to your Phoenix, AZ home, and it can be caused by a number of events. Water restoration services are essential for drying and repairing to get your property back to normal. Whether the flooding is caused by Mother Nature or faulty pipes, here are three major types of indoor flooding you should be aware of.

Flash Flooding In Phoenix

While Arizona is known for its beautiful blue skies and sun, it does have a rainy season that can cause flash floods. You should prepare for flooding by listening to weather alerts and have an evacuation plan. Prepare your home for high water by securing heirlooms, valuables and important documents in a different location if possible. After the flood, contact a water restoration service to remove standing water and moisture.

Backed Up Sewer Pipes

There are several reasons that sewer pipes may cause flooding in your home like tree roots in the line, a broken sewer pipe or sewage spilling into your home due to rising floodwaters. If you have raw sewage in your home, then you have a bio hazard. Water restorations service technicians consider this an emergency, and they will come quickly to remove the bacteria-filled standing water in your home. They’ll also provide cleaning services with industrial-strength chemicals to remove the harmful residue left behind by the untreated waste.

Household Appliance Fails

If you own a dishwasher or washing machine, you should be prepared for these essential pieces of machinery to fail you at some point. Appliances can malfunction and flood your home with soapy water faster than you think. The standing water in your kitchen or laundry room can be a real hazard that can cause you to slip or even get electrocuted. If your appliance causes a flood in your home, then contact a water restoration company right away like ours (if in the Arizona area) for fast clean up.

If you are experiencing any water damage or flooding in your home or business in the Arizona market call us for help immediately.

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