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Have Flood Damage in Queen Creek and Don’t Know What to Do?

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Recovering From a Major Flood
In a year of major news stories, one of the most significant was the crisis over the major hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. Though the hurricanes had been predicted in advance, their paths oftem veered off course, and some cities were hit almost completely unawares. The flooding that ensued after these hurricanes was indeed shocking, and it left many homeowners with major cleanup jobs to attend to once the water receded.

Dealing With The Aftermath of a Flood

Water in a home can do major damage to a property, which is why it’s so important to bring in expert help to clean and restore a home’s integrity after a major flood.
In the case of a water leak in a home, like from a broken pipe or a overflowing bathtub, the first course of action would be to turn off the water. In the case of a flood, homeowners of course have to wait until the water recedes, and then assess the damage. As soon as the water is down, a water damage restoration expert, like Rocky Mountain Restoration, should be called in to examine the property and get a sense of the extent of the damage.

What A Water Damage Restoration Expert Can Do

On arrival, a restoration expert will do a thorough inspection of the property using thermal imaging and water detection equipment to get an overall and detailed picture of the water damage. After this, a report will be made regarding what must be repaired and replaced in the property. Drying equipment will also be brought in to remove any other excess water from the property, and affected areas will be disinfected and deodorized. After this overall cleanup is complete, a recommendation will be made as to what areas of the property must be removed and reconstructed.

Yes, recovering from a major flood is a big job, but time is of the essence after a flood to ensure that the majority of a damaged property can be salvaged. Calling in Flood Damage restoration experts in Queen Creek, AZ like Rocky Mountain Restoration is a first step in truly recovering from the crisis of enduring a major flood on your property.

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