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How To Prevent Losing Valuables From Flood Damage in Mesa AZ

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Grandmother’s family photo album collections with years of family history that can never be replaced are susceptible to water damage if quick action is not taken. Other treasured items such as quilts, paintings, antiques, and more have a huge personal sentimental value are equally at risk. When flood damage happens, these items can be completely ruined leaving a devastating loss to the homeowners.

How Can Water Damage Occur?

Most commonly people think of water damage in relation to flooding, but there are many other ways that it can happen. A burst pipe, water heater leak, leaking roof, frozen pipes, and sump pump problems are common water damage culprits. Natural disasters like Monsoons are famously unpredictable and can leave behind devastation to a home or business.

What are the First Steps to Take to Protect Family Heirlooms

First, for personal safety, turn off the power. When the area is safe, take everything that can be moved outside to a dry area. Photos, books, and any other paper items are at the most risk of irreparable damage. Once they have been removed to a dry area use towels to pat them dry as much as possible. Individual photos should be removed so that they can dry faster. Towel dry antique furniture and other wooden items. Furniture that is too heavy to be moved should be lifted to have tin foil placed under the feet to prevent additional carpet staining.

Don’t let this water damage happen to any irreplaceable items, be proactive by calling professional Rocky Mountain Restoration services as soon as the problem occurs. Early intervention can prevent additional damage and reduce the costs of cleanup. They work around the clock to safely clean up flood damage in Mesa AZ, regardless of the cause. The water will be removed from the property and the area dried as quickly as possible. Finally, they will check to ensure that no dangerous mold or mildew has begun growing.

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