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Fire Dangers to Avoid This Winter

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fire dangers to avoidYou survived another holiday season! The holiday decorations and lights are packed up for the year, and your kids are already getting bored with their new toys. You might think you can rest easy knowing that you dodged that bullet of holiday fire dangers, but it’s still winter and things can happen during this cold time of year. Unfortunately, there are still fire dangers to avoid this winter.

In record low temperatures, you might find yourself lighting up the fireplace more often or adding an electric blanket to the bedtime coverings. And since it’s great snuggling weather, what about those candles to set the mood? It’s important to remember that not only do some of these heat-producing items add to the already busy electrical circuits in your home but also require a great deal of supervision and attention to detail to prevent an accidental fire.

Let’s take a look at some of the potential fire risks:


It’s a great way to take the chill out of the air and make a night cozy, but if it isn’t properly cleaned and maintained, a chimney fire is only one of the ways a fire could spread.

Electric blanket

Nothing feels better than a warm blanket, but this one comes with the responsibility of remembering to turn the blanket off, properly caring for the cords to prevent an electrical fire, and following safe cleaning instructions.

Mood lighting

Warming up the atmosphere on a cold evening no doubt involves candles and decorative lanterns. Constant supervision and remembering to extinguish the flame are critical. Plus there’s the added risk that the candle could tip over in a split second due to an unsupervised pet or child.

Using your favorite items safely really comes down to education and awareness to avoid a fire caused by an open flame or electrical complications. If you do experience any type of fire from these items, the full-service team at Rocky Mountain Restoration is available to help you through the process of restoring your home to a safe, livable condition and assessing any damaged personal belongings.

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