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3 Dangers of Fire Damage in Your Home in Tempe AZ

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The National Fire Protection Association estimates that there are over 350,000 calls for house fires each year. While many of these are total losses, some are small fires that are quickly contained with water and fire extinguishers. Unfortunately, even with proper containment, that doesn’t mean a home is safe to live in right away. There are many dangers of fire damage that make restoration service as soon as possible critical.

1. Toxic Chemicals

Unfortunately, not everything that catches on fire will burn clean. There are many materials that will release chemicals into the air once they are met with flames, which can make your breathing air dangerous. Carpet, paint, fabric, plastic, and insulation are just a few of these items that are normally found in every house. The only way to make your breathing air safe again is to make sure the home is properly restored and cleaned.

2. Lingering Smoke

Even after a fire is extinguished, it can leave smoke stuck inside the carpet, walls, wood surfaces, and even furniture of the home. This can make it difficult to breathe and may even increase asthma and bronchitis that makes coughing worse. Since smoke damage isn’t necessarily easy to see, it’s recommended to have a professional take care of restoration so it can be removed the right way.

3. Exposure to Soot

When something is burned, the black substance that remains is known as soot. While it may look like it’s harmless and easy to clean up, this is not necessarily the case. The fine powder left behind can easily enter your breathing air and make its way into your body. Once this happens, this can cause health issues, including asthma and shortness of breath. Soot inhalation can even increase your risk of cancer, stroke, and a heart attack. To remove it, the proper cleaning tools and techniques must be used by a trained professional who will wear a protective suit.

Recovering After a Fire

After experiencing a small fire in your Tempe, AZ home, you can be left wondering what to do next. While it’s true that your structure may still be standing, that doesn’t mean there isn’t danger lurking in the walls, floors, or even furniture. In order to clean up effectively and make your home safe again, call our team at Rocky Mountain Restoration. We specialize in expert fire damage restoration in Tempe so you can take your home back without stress and worry that it’s safe.

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