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What to do When you Experience a Home Fire in Phoenix?

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water damage phoenix There are few things as devastating as experiencing a home fire. Your home feels violated, your possessions potentially ruined, and the situation can have the sense of trying to paddle upstream. Where do you start? Who can you call? Rocky Mountain Restoration recognizes all of the excruciating nuances of someone being in this unfortunate situation and have fully developed techniques to help.

What should be done?
First and foremost, the most critical point of triage is to secure the home and protect any areas that are unaffected by the fire. If these areas are not catered to, then damage can be done to them during the restoration process or by residual side-effects of a fire.

Next, a diagnostic is done to determine the full extent and what sort of damage was done. This process is critical as it inventories what was damaged and creates the foundation for determining what can be restored and what must be replaced completely. This analyzing process allows technicians to design the best options for cleaning and restoring your space, as every case is different.

Much of the damage that occurs in a fire may not be apparent. Detecting, neutralizing, and removing toxic gases and chemicals from the home is vital. The health implications of not properly containing these factors has potentially deadly implications. During the actual restoration process is when replacing building materials also occurs. These cosmetic factors are what start to make your house feel like a home again.

The ultimate goal is to work closely with you and bring to reality the goals of your home’s restoration.

Identifying Causes
An additional support that we offer to our clients is education on what sorts of things cause fires in homes. Things like cooking equipment, clothes driers, and smoking are among the most common catalysts for residential fires. An important part of any restoration project is trying to ensure it never happens again.

You aren’t alone, for immediate fire damage help you can contact us 24/7 at (480) 309-2524. We are available for Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, and the surrounding areas.

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