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Facts to Know Before You Contact a Water Restoration Company

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Restoration in Mesa Do not make any commitment without knowing what you’re getting into. Read more about water damages to identify the problems found in your home. Learn more about mold to increase your chances of removing it effectively. Knowing the facts is crucial to getting the best services for your household needs.

Personal Belongings Need Protection

Porous items in your house, such as fabrics, flooring pads and drywall, soak in floodwater and become contaminated. As a safety precaution, restoration workers identify the sources of contamination and act immediately. Their first option is to clean the polluted items thoroughly. If the damages are beyond repair, they are obligated to dispose of your personal belongings altogether.

Mold Grows Fast

Mold grows as soon as moisture is present and spreads quickly across large sections of the house. Find signs of mold as soon as one or two days after a flood.

The ideal conditions for growth include excessive moisture and humidity. Mold can attach itself to any surface, and in windy situations, the spores spread easily through the air.

Attention to detail is the most important factor for the mold removal. Know how to search for the first signs of mold and fix the problem before it worsens.

Standing Water Is a Hazard

In a flood, water flushes out waste from the ground, such as feces, sewage and garbage. The floodwater becomes a storage place for bacteria, viruses and parasites. Avoid stepping into pools of standing water whether it’s in your house or outdoors. Even if the water is clear and looks clean, it may have hidden biohazards.

Water Restoration vs. Plumbing

Water restoration is not the same as plumbing or getting water restoration done from a Phoenix Plumbing company. Water restoration specialists use special equipment to remove excess water from the house. They specialize in mold removal and provide professional cleaning services for flooded homes.

On the other hand, plumbers do more than remove water and mold. They work on internal structures like pipes, wires and electrical devices. They are needed to fix broken pipes and appliances that become damaged during storms. They use detection equipment to find and remove the sources of your household leaks. Hire restoration experts to clean your home and then hire plumbers to get it running again.

Learn the facts about water restoration if you are unfamiliar with the services. The most important fact is to act quickly by calling a water restoration company like ours immediately. Our water damage company operate 24 hours a day, so you have every opportunity to get the help you need.

If you need emergency water damage services call us at 480-309-2524

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