What to Do Before Seeking Water & Flood Damage Restoration Services

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Living things rely heavily on water to perform essential and commercial functions. However, the damages caused by flood water can cause both temporary and permanent pain for homeowners when they are left out of control.

If you are looking for ways of dealing with residential water damage, consider the following tips:

After the flood

1. Stop the flow of water
Floods may cause pipes to burst or heater failures in residential places. When this happens, you should call a water damage restoration provider to find the source of the problem.
2. Switch off the power
Your electric lines and gas may also be affected by floods. While it is easy to assume that small leaks or puddles may not be serious, cutting off the electricity and gas will work for your good. To be on the safe side, avoid handling electrical appliances on your own. Get an expert to do it for you.
3. Evaluate the severity of the damage
Before you call our experts, assess the damage by taking photos and other documentation to show the insurance company.
4. Keep your valuables safe
If floods have invaded your house, remove your prized possessions for safekeeping. It can be anything from valuable documents, jewelry, to heirlooms.
5. Drain off stagnant water
Stagnant water, when let to stand for long, can cause more damages. When draining it off, ensure you wear protective gear to avoid catching diseases. Keep children and pets away from the standing water since it is always contaminated. If you are unable to do it by yourself, get a water damage restoration professional to help you.

Get rid of molds and mildew

Molds are visible to the naked eye, but you may fail to notice them as they grow in air ducts and crawl spaces. The smell coming out for the ducts and spaces explains why you need professional restoration services to perform the cleanup.

Rocky Mountain Restoration has got your back

At Rocky Mountain Restoration, we take care of emergency water, mold, and mildew removal services to keep your home safe. As an IICRC certified, licensed, and bonded company, we strive to protect residential property owners from the damages caused by floods.

Call us today for emergency water removal anytime, any day.

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