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Don’t Let Plumbing Back Up Your Holiday Plans

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plunger Your annual holiday party is in full swing. The eggnog is creamy, the wine is chilled to perfection, and your array of savory appetizers has guests lined up asking for the recipes. Everyone is enjoying the festive atmosphere and you begin to think you’ve really outdone yourself this year. It’s just as you imagined. And then, your guest bathroom toilet steals the show by overflowing, much to everyone’s horror.

There’s nothing like a toilet situation to put a halt to your party; an “out of order” sign wasn’t factored into the holiday décor. Now there’s a mess to handle, and guests are even left feeling a bit squeamish at the sight (and smell) of the overflow. Whether the cause was someone indulging in a bit too much spicy bean dip or maybe just your boss’ son deciding decorative hand towels might be flushable, the resulting overflow is repulsive—and rightfully so. Either way, this is not only a party-stopping situation but a potential safety hazard.

If you find yourself in the situation of having a massive overflow, you may be doing more than making excuses to your guests; you may have a huge cleanup ahead of you. Unfortunately, that mess could include hazardous waste, possibly creating a health risk for your family and guests. And what about the damage that water can cause to floors and cabinets if left to sit? What a damper on your holiday plans!

Don’t get yourself dirty; call Rocky Mountain Restoration. We always answer the phones 24 hours a day, and in the case of emergencies, we can be on site quickly. We’ll bring all of the right equipment to protect your family and friends while ensuring that you’re back to the festivities faster. And if the plumbing needs repairs, we work with highly reputable contractors who are just as dedicated to ensuring excellent service as we are.

Party on, Wayne.

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