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Do pipes freeze in Phoenix, Arizona?

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The Phoenix area is prone to freezing temperatures only 12 to 15 days each winter, but you will want to have proper protection for your exposed water pipes so broken pipes don’t wreak havoc,   frozen hose bib causing thousands of dollars in damage. Yes, water pipes do freeze in Phoenix AZ and you are vulnerable to freezing pipes especially if there is a strong window as part of the cold blast we are sure to get.  Nobody wants frozen pipes, but it is very possible during the coming winter months that the greater Phoenix region will suffer freezing temperatures, causing headaches for many people.

Since cold-weather often dipping into the mid-20s in parts of the Valley, blankets work well to limit damage to pipes, especially those at ground level outside the house.  Simply leaving the outdoor faucet open, just enough for to have a steady drip, can prevent a freeze-up as moving water doesn’t freeze as fast as still water.


Leak detection systems should be inspected, maintained and updated. Pipe leaks can be one of the most common and damaging issues during the winter, as water will quickly freeze and damage pipe exteriors, as well as any surrounding area. Once a pipe becomes frozen, the chances of it cracking increase, followed by leaks.

Ensure all of your exposed pipes are insulated. This is particularly vital for any pipes which flow directly under the ground. Insulation will keep the freezing temperatures from damaging pipes, and can also work to reduce damage a pipe break may cause to the rest of the line. how to insulate pipes
Good quality commercial insulation is an absolute necessity, and the contractors who perform the work must be insured and certified to do so.

Often, homeowners leave on winter trips, they also shut off the water and thoroughly drain water out of pipes. Also, getting into your crawlspace with all the lights off and doors closed to look for any light coming in. If you have water lines in a crawl space, get into the crawl space with the door closed and the lights off and see if you can see daylight coming into the space. If you do, locate those spots and make necessary corrections to avoid cold air getting in during freezing weather and causing frozen pipes and possible water damage.

Don’t attempt to thaw pipes on your own. Property owners may make the mistake of attempting to thaw out their pipes without the help of a professional, and some will use unsafe tools like kerosene heaters or torches to thaw pipes. This can cause incredible amounts of damage due to the rapid expansion and contraction of water within a short period of time. If you want to avoid causing even more damage, get a professional to handle your frozen pipe problems. burst pipe in ceiling

With the services of a professional plumbing company, you will find that you can greatly reduce your chances of having frozen pipes in the first place, as well as quickly address any frozen pipes that occur before they cause more expensive damage. Remember: water valves, like pressure reducer valves, hose bibs or back flow preventers are all subject to freezing as well. Everyone should also know exactly where the water main shut-off valve is, and how to shut it off. When the disaster does happen, call Rocky Mountain Restoration to help with your flooded property!

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