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Should You DIY Water Damage Repairs?

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water damage After you have experienced water damage in your home, it can be tempting to start fixing the repairs right away on your own. You can easily go online and research ways to repair damaged floors, walls and other home structures, all with the hope of saving some money. However, most homeowners who do their own home repairs after water damage find that they need to call a professional restoration company. Rather than waste your time with DIY fixes, learn more about how the professionals can help you:

1. In most cases, water damage is more extensive than it appears

While there are time when small leaks do occur, homeowners will usually find that what appears to be a small case of water damage is actually more extensive. You may even start to tear down drywall and rip up floor boards, thinking you will get the repairs done within a day, and you find that you simply cannot handle all of the damage on your own. Most people look just at the water damage on the surface to assess the level of destruction, but trained professionals know to look further.

2. Create a solid case for your insurance company

Imagine submitting a damage report to your insurance company, only to learn that the damage is more extensive? Going back and trying to change an existing water damage claim can be even more of a disaster than the water damage itself. By taking the time to hire a professional, you can ensure that you get all of the money that you need to fix the repairs the first time, while also ensuring that the job is done properly.

3. Repairing water damage can quickly become a health risk

Sure, you may have some home improvement experience in your past. But working with water-damaged materials can quickly become a health concern, especially for those who are not trained to work with such materials. Water repair specialists not only look for areas of damage, but know how to protect your family, as well as themselves, while fixing the damage.

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