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Common Types of Water Damage

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Water damage can happen to almost any structure, as the result of a variety of sources. In residential situations it usually refers to damage due to leaks in roofs, plumbing pipes, septic tanks, and fixtures like washing machines, toilets, and sinks. Commercial buildings such as warehouses, factories, and storage facilities also suffer from water damage on a regular basis, especially in the winter when they are exposed to high levels of humidity. Structures that are in agricultural use, such as barns and farmhouses, often have issues with water damage due to flooding, leaking, or even just general wear and tear of the building materials.

No matter what type of water damage you have experienced, it is always a good idea to contact a professional to take care of the problem, no matter how small it is. The most common type of water damage that most people tend to ignore is the kind caused by a kitchen sink leaking. A kitchen sink that is not sealed is prone to constant drainage which, over time, can lead to an accumulation of debris in the bowl of the sink, causing a clog that eventually causes water damage. If this is the case, it is important to fix the sink immediately and prevent water damage to other areas of the house.

One other type of water damage often times goes undetected for long periods of time. Water that has gotten into the walls and ceilings of a house has the potential to cause damage to not only the building itself, but also to all the stored goods inside. It is not uncommon for people to panic if they discover that they have to replace some of their valuable jewelry, or need to get a new sofa because one they bought a few months ago has been destroyed. While water damage may not seem like the most serious issue, if it is going to take a substantial amount of time to fix, it is imperative that people find a solution as soon as possible. The sooner an issue is addressed, the less likely it is that it is going to cause further problems.

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