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Common Causes Of Water Damage in Phoenix AZ

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water damage phoenix

Water Damage can be caused by any type of disaster, whether natural or man made. A broken pipe in the kitchen or bathroom can create a big mess when it comes to water damage, especially when it rains unexpectedly. Water pipes also wear out fast, and this can create a big problem when it comes to water damage restoration. Piles of mud and garbage can become a big problem in the kitchen if they are backed up by masonry. Basements that are prone to leaking have a high risk for basement mold, which has health risks for people living there.

Heavy rainfall can also be a common cause of flooding like we have during the monsoon season in Arizona. Although it is not a common cause, it does occur in Arizona quite often. Heavy flooding can occur in desert areas, as well. A high river current or flash flood can cause basement water damage, and this is something that needs to be dealt with immediately.

Water damage in Phoenix can be a serious problem, and there are many different types of services that you can call for help with water damage restoration. If you are dealing with a serious case of water damage, you should contact a Phoenix mold removal company like Rocky Mountain Restoration as soon as possible. Mold remediation in Phoenix is often necessary after a flood has occurred, as the mold may have already gotten into many different places in your home before the cleanup process can begin. A Phoenix mold removal company will be able to test the air and take samples of the mold that is in your home. Once we have the samples, we can remove the mold for good from every area of the home that they are able to reach.

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