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Commercial Mold Damage in Phoenix? Call The Experts

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Once you find mold in a storage room, basement, or other area of your business, it is a problem you should not ignore. In fact, the mold you see is likely the least of your problems. Most of the time, mold is growing inside walls and ceilings, underneath floor covering, and many other places you may not realize. Since mold can start growing and spreading throughout a building in as little as 24 hours, don’t procrastinate and hope it just disappears, which it won’t. Instead, call on the experts at Rocky Mountain Restoration we don’t just fix water damage we can help you with mold too.

What Caused Mold in My Business?
If you discover mold in your business, it came from one or more causes. Some of the most common include a leaky roof that results in mold forming in attics or ceilings, high humidity levels that lead to moisture becoming trapped, and even pipes that may be leaking without you being aware of the problem. In any case, the moisture that is allowed to fester day after day eventually leads to mold growth, which can cause both structural damage as well as health problems for those suffering from allergies, asthma, or other similar conditions.

What Can be Done?
Once mold has taken hold within your business, you alone will never be able to completely remove it in a safe and efficient manner. Instead, you need experts in commercial mold remediation from Rocky Mountain Restoration. Once our technicians arrive at your business, they can assess the situation, let you know what needs to be done, and make arrangements to make your business mold-free. From sealing off the area to using powerful vacuuming systems to trap and remove the mold, our team can get excellent results. In fact, once the mold has been removed, we will bring in an independent testing company to verify your business is once again mold-free.

If you have been trying in vain to rid your business of mold, stop worrying and start planning to contact us here at Rocky Mountain Restoration. By calling 480-309-2524 or visiting today, you’ll be one step closer to solving your mold problem.

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