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Cold Temperatures In Arizona Can Lead to Property Damage

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freezing pipes burst phoenix water damageYou might think that living in Arizona can help you avoid cold wintertime temperatures, but this is not true. Occasionally, the temperatures in Mesa or Phoenix drop below freezing, and many property owners have not prepared a home or business. Autumn is a good time to make changes to a building’s plumbing fixtures to avoid having water pipes that freeze, expand and burst, leading to extensive water damage.

Drain and Insulate a Building’s Exterior Plumbing Fixtures

Begin by draining the faucets and pipes that are outside a building to make sure that no water is inside the fixtures. Turn off a building’s exterior faucets completely before covering the devices with a formfitting foam device that you can find at a local hardware store. You should also wrap adhesive insulating foam tape around every exterior pipe to avoid a rupture during freezing temperatures.

Replace Degraded Connectors, Faucets or Pipes Before Winter

In addition, if a building has a crawl space, then you must enter it to wrap insulating foam around the connectors, pipes and faucets. If you notice that a pipe has degraded, then replace the item yourself or contact a plumber to perform the job. Pipes can also freeze and burst inside a building, and if this happens, then you are more likely to have extensive water damage to floors, walls and ceilings. Wrap the pipes that are underneath sinks in the bathrooms or kitchen.

Wrap a Building’s Water Heater With an Insulating Blanket

A building’s water heater is typically located in a utility room next to a laundry room. The intake pipes to a water heater contain water that can freeze, and utility rooms are often poorly heated in the winter. Use a flashlight to inspect the water heater to confirm that its tank is not rusting or degrading. Wrap insulating tape around the intake pipe before placing an insulation blanket over the water heater’s tank.

Use a Furnace When It Is Cold

When the temperatures begin to drop in the winter, turn on a building’s furnace or baseboard heating system. Make sure to open a building’s vents along with cabinet doors to help warm air circulate better. If a pipe does burst, then turn off the water at the main valve to prevent water damage that can lead to mold growth.

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