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Choose the Right Water Damage Restoration Company

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Choose the Right Water Damage Restoration Company

 Certification is a Must:

Never hire a contractor that is not certified to perform water restoration, whether at a residential or commercial property. Flooded office  Water damage restoration contractors need to have IICRC, or Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This certification will include:

  • Proper detection of water levels, including ambient moisture.
  • Proper equipment and standards in its usage.
  • The safest techniques for removing water from an area quickly.
  • Minimize the removal of structure materials.
  • Thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters
  • Detailed – written moisture monitoring records for verification
  • Pollution liability Insurance (in addition to other standard insurances)

The levels of certification are WRT, ASD, and CDS.  (CDS is for those doing work in Commercial buildings). Restoration Certification means a much more effective response when a disaster takes place, and it puts emphasis on the health of both the contractors, and of the people who reside or work within a disaster property. That level of certification is an important part of making sure your property will be safe once the work has been completed, and it ensures that the work itself will be as thorough as possible, minimizing the impact and damage.

You Must Get References:

ReferencesWe also strongly recommend you also get references from your friends and family.  Facebook, is a great way to ask who they would choose!  Just because a company is “certified,” does not mean they are the right choice, since many companies have certification, but the workers on the job often don’t have any specialized training!  Commercial property owners should develop a trusted relationship with a disaster recovery contractor well in advance of a disaster, so they have priority service when disaster strikes. The last thing you need is to hire an “out of town (or state” company to do your clean-up!


“Contractors” who don’t have the right level of certification may miss important details that, if ignored, could lead to damage to a structure, health issues for the occupants of a building, and much more. The least expensive contractor rarely meets all of the criteria and qualifications you expect and need. Choose the best for the job, because you may end up paying far more if you try to keep your costs low by hiring a cheap contractor.  Angie’s List, Yelp, Merchant Circle and Facebook are great places to look and ask about the qualifications and recommendations of contractors. Commercial property owners should ask for a PREP certified contractor!

Testing and Detection:

Cert You will find that the best water damage clean-up companies make testing and detection one of their highest priorities. Proper detection of humidity and moisture levels can provide them with a more well-defined frame of possible hazards, as well as improve the effectiveness of water or mold removal in an area. These tests will also be performed after water and mold has been removed, so that the contractors can ensure that there isn’t any hidden damage or possibility of mold recurrence from that event.

Water removal contractors with certified technicians are the only people that should handle sewage flooding clean-up. Sewage flooding occurs either due to flooding from a local water source where sewage was present, or through backflow from your own plumbing. Flood water – overflowing from a stream or river – into your home is very highly contaminated, much like sewage, and yet few people think about that dangerous contamination. Properly trained and IICRC Certified contractors will know the best way to enter an area that has been flooded with sewage, and the most effective procedures for its cleaning and removal.

Also, don’t forget to ask you contractor for a copy of the final report, a copy of the moisture readings taken daily throughout the process, and any moisture mapping documents they have.  Also, be sure to ask for pictures taken from their thermal imaging camera – which every good contractor will have.

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