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Choose the Right Generator For Your Business

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Choose the Right Generator For Your Business


Diesel Backup Generator for Office Building
Diesel Backup Generator for Office Building

News stories concerning the major storms in Phoenix in 2014, as well as January and May of 2016 have illustrated the need for emergency generators on a commercial level, especially for those businesses handling products requiring refrigeration or need continuous power for critical business functions. Grocery stores, for example, must dispose of refrigerated perishables if their coolers have been taken off line for even a short time. Without a back-up generator on site, you may end up losing thousands of dollars’ worth of product within a very short period of time.


Although not every business has to be worried about spoiled food, most do need electrical power to run their business operations. If your business deals directly with the public, then a power outage could shut you down for the entire day or longer, resulting in profit loss. If you own a business that handles design and networking for other corporations, then power loss could potentially shut you down for much longer. Having a back-up generator is an absolute necessity for practically any type of business, but it’s not always easy to know which type of generator might be the right one for your business.


Choosing the Right Type


  • Standby generators are preferable. These stationary generators will start operating whenever power is interrupted, and will function until grid power is restored. Standby generators are more expensive, and generally require more floor space than portable generators, but the value of having an automatic fail safe is extremely valuable.
  • Which fuel source is right for our business? One of the most universally appropriate fuel sources is natural gas. Natural gas generators normally have far fewer regulations than sources like diesel or propane, and the actual cost of the fuel will be lower as well. Prices will vary by location, but natural gas tends to be the leader where lower price is concerned. It is also a very reliable emergency energy source.
  • Adequate Voltage Is Another Factor. Commercial generators come in many different voltage categories so they can cater to many different businesses needing different power
    Closed sign in a shop showroom with reflections - red sign over desaturated background
    Closed sign in a shop showroom 

    requirements. If your business runs a large amount of computers and servers, then you may need a generator that can provide high amounts of sustained power. Consult an electrician to help determine what voltage will be best for your situation, but you can also read your own electrical panel on your commercial building to see your incoming voltage rating.

  • Make sure your generator is up to date. Improvements in generator technology lead to more efficient fuel usage for prolonged periods of time. What was considered efficient in the 1980’s may actually consume twice as much fuel as what’s currently available. While you may think that you’re saving on costs by continuing to ignore your back up, you could end up losing more if you have to rely on an outdated model.


These are some of the factors that you should take into account when shopping for a commercial generator to appropriately serve your business needs. The ability to rely on solar energy used alongside your generator could provide an alternate energy options depending on your location. Also consider looking into incentives for buying “green fuel” back-up generators, which may be offered in your state.


Whatever you decide, be sure to choose a generator which can offer you the longest sustained energy for the lowest cost. It could make a big difference if and when power interruption occurs in your area. You’ll be glad you did!



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