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How Water Damages Your Ceiling Through Roof Leaks

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A roofing leak is the most common source of ceiling damage. A leak in the roof may cause water to drip and collect above a ceiling making it to be significantly damaged. Leaky pipes have elevated levels of moisture, and if the supply lines run near the top, they expose the ceiling to prolonged wetness which causes extreme damage. Moreover, the broken water supply on the roof might flood the ceiling within a few minutes. We are the best company in restoring water damages on roofs.

Ceiling Water Damage

A roof leak may continue to damage the ceiling for a significant amount of time before you can notice it. The damage may become obvious or visible in the form of dampness, staining, dripping or degrading material. The degree of wear may vary depending mainly on the amount of water the ceiling was exposed to, the duration of the water leak, and the level of contamination. Many homeowners do not accurately assess how damaged their roofs are and therefore, cannot determine the most effective water damage restoration for their ceilings.

The first category of water damage on the ceiling is caused by clean water. In this case, we will repair and dry the area, that is if the issue is addressed within the first 24 hours. However, based on the duration of exposure and the level of contamination, we find it necessary to replace drywall, masonry or plaster that has absorbed the contaminated water.

Biohazards from Ceiling Water Damage

Bio hazards, microbes, and chemicals may quickly contaminate water from a sewer backup, roof leak or shower pan. The second category of water damage makes it necessary to disinfect the same as the third category of water from flooding or sewer backup. Regardless of the damage category, it is essential to increase ventilation for faster drying of the area. A dehumidifier can help reduce the relative indoor humidity and remove moisture from porous materials.

By the time you begin noticing water damage on your ceiling, the chances are that the damage has already penetrated the porous building materials. We point out which materials have been exposed to the contaminated water and will need to be torn out and replaced.

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