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Why Water Damage is So Problematic for Your Arizona Home

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Restoration in Mesa Arizona may be one of the hottest and driest states in the U.S., but it isn’t without its water problems. Monsoon season typically hits the state in the summertime, with the most problematic weather occurring in mid-July to mid-August. Monsoon season is incredibly rough for residents, especially if their home happens to be located in a flood zone. It’s not uncommon for residents to need emergency help just to get out of their homes. Unfortunately, with rising flood waters comes the likelihood that your house will experience some water damage that needs professional remediation and restoration.

Is Arizona More Susceptible to Water Damage?
While the state is considered desert land, water damage is an all-too common occurrence for people living here. Monsoon season can cause damage to foundations and low-level homes where flood water is able to enter and destroy everything in its path. Likewise, many Arizona homes deal with water issues that might be a result of a leaking pipe, broken well line and burst sewage pipe. Because wells in Arizona have to be dug so deep to reach water, it’s not terribly uncommon to have these pipes break, burst and leak from time to time.

Why Water Damage is Problematic
Water damage is problematic for a variety of reasons. For one, it can literally destroy everything it touches because it is allowed to sit stagnant and saturate everything it comes into contact with. If left to fester, it can create underlying mold issues that are downright dangerous for you and your family. Water that is left without professional restoration can also rot wood and weaken beams, causing the structure of the home or building to be compromised.

Water damage is more than what you see on the surface. Simply using a fan to dry out the carpeting and walls isn’t going to be enough, especially when you consider the padding underneath that carpet and the insulation behind those walls. Professional remediation is often needed if you’ve recently experienced a flood in your home or business office.

Hiring a Professional Team of Experts
Because water damage restoration can be incredibly tricky to accomplish on your own, it’s a good idea to hire our professional damage remediation services to get the job done. The beauty about hiring our team of specially trained experts is that we have the tools, skills and supplies necessary to work on projects both big and small. When your home is properly restored to its former glory, you can live there happily with your family.

Floods can be just as horrible as other household disasters, like fires and electrical issues. The reason floods don’t always seem as bad as, say, a house fire is because the damage is more long-term. When a fire hits your home, you instantly see the damage. When a flood hits your home, you won’t realize that there’s a problem until mold starts to grow months later or when you notice your floors feel weak and soft. Be sure to obtain professional remediation services immediately after experiencing a flood in your Arizona home.

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