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Avoid Holiday Dinner Disasters

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holiday dinner disasterHopefully, your family suffered no more than some residual sleepiness from your recent Thanksgiving dinner, but it’s easy to move from the anticipation of a yummy buffet of turkey with all the fixings to a house fire. If the only thing you lose is the main course, count yourself lucky; that Chinese restaurant is awaiting you. However, for some families, the holidays can turn from merry to mayhem all too quickly. To help avoid potential holiday dinner disasters this season, here are some tips.

Be Prepared

Most of us don’t whip up a turkey, ham, or vegan lasagna on any random Tuesday. If you’re the type of cook who shies away from the kitchen on all but the big cooking holidays of the year, have your disaster plans made first. A well-placed fire extinguisher can save lives when the oil for the deep-fried turkey spills over the edges into the open fire. There’s a reason they say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Act Quickly

If you’re prepared, you’ll have the extinguisher and towels close by to put out the fire and sop up the spills. But even with your ducks in a row, one little quack can disturb the flow. Keep your phone charged and close by to call 911 for help—and then maybe your local pizza parlor for take out.

Damage Control

Even after the initial crisis has passed, the cleanup process is critical for your holiday guests and for the long-term safety of your household. Although your damage may appear minimal, fires can create hidden dangers by releasing toxic chemicals and gases that require testing to determine their presence. Add any potential smoke damage and overall cleaning and restoration, and your holiday has taken an unexpected turn.

In the event your party suffers from holiday dinner disasters, the cleanup and restoration experts at Rocky Mountain Restoration are on hand 24 hours a day over the holidays to quickly help you minimize any damage to your home and return it to a safe condition so you’re ready for your next cooking extravaganza.

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