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Avoid Dangers During Spring Cleaning

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Spring is in the air! The wind is blowing, the sun is shining, and it there’s a renewed energy as plants come back into bloom. If you have that spring “bug” and are itching to do some heavy duty cleaning and renovations around your home, this is the time. But be sure you pay attention to safety when installing appliances or working on water and electricity issues so you can avoid dangers during spring cleaning.

Unless you’re ready to go pro with your home-improvement skills, your first step after determining your goals may be to hire a professional contractor. A licensed professional who is listed in the Arizona Registrar of Contractors will follow the book when it comes to sprucing up your home. But if you choose to forgo that route, be sure you don’t also forgo all of the regulations and code requirements you should follow not only for compliance but for safety. The last thing you need is to set yourself up for water damage or fire.


Properly installing a washing machine, dishwasher, or refrigerator is the difference between water when you need it or a flooded kitchen. Also, double checking the pipes and connections could save you some pesky leaks and long-term damage down the road. When it comes to appliances, don’t forget proper electrical connections. You can prevent an electrical fire by avoiding overloading outlets and circuits. Skipping the extra hardware store trip for the correct adapter might be a tempting shortcut to take, but it’s not worth the fire risk for your family and home.


A spa-worthy shower won’t do you any good if there’s a leak starting below the surface that will lead to costly mold and water damage. Before you settle into bathroom bliss, make sure those new sinks, toilets, and showers or bathtubs are securely installed and sealed in without room for potential water trouble.

Behind the Scenes

Some updates aren’t as much of a focal point in your home, but don’t let them sneak up on you when they cause water damage. These less aesthetically pleasing items can include water heaters, lawn irrigation and sprinklers, or misting cooling systems. Seasonal items, such as lawn irrigation, can also pose silent problems if they’re unused and unnoticed for a few months, so check them periodically to make sure they aren’t steadily leaking and damaging your home.

If you do encounter a home repair gone wrong, the Phoenix water damage experts at Rocky Mountain Restoration can help you assess the damage, recommend a plan, handle the clean-up process, and reclaim your life and home. We are also licensed contractors and can help you get everything up to date easily so that you can avoid dangers during spring cleaning.

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