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When damage to a home or building is severe, it may be necessary to call a company that specializes in water damage restoration services. There are many companies in Arizona that specialize in water damage restoration, but only a few have been certified by the Arizona Water Damage Prevention Council (AWDC). This certification allows companies to use materials that are approved for water damage restoration in Arizona.

Water damage can occur due to a broken water pipe, leaky roof, or faulty washing machine. In all cases, the first step after identifying the problem is the removal of water from the affected structure, followed by drying, restoring, and eliminating potential health hazards. Water damaged cleanup includes all of these steps, from beginning to end (cleaning objects, removing water, and moving damaged items back to their original location). In Arizona, water remediation is a synonymous term to water damage restoration, as both processes restore the property to its pre-incident condition. In the case of leaky roofs or sump pumps, the homeowner or business owner typically need to hire a professional water damage restoration service to remove and dry out the building, then hire a mold specialist to evaluate the property for possible infestations with mold.

Mold is not only a health risk, it is also a financial risk. In the case of a leaky roof or sump pump, it is not possible to fix or replace a roof or pump once it has become compromised, so the only option may be to remove and restore at least some of the damaged object(s) to their original conditions. In many cases, a flood could be the cause of an entire building collapsing or of part of the home water damage. In both cases, the homeowner or business owner would need to consider hiring a structural repair or mold restoration contractor. Professional mold inspectors can determine whether a structure needs to be demolished, rebuilt, or restored using materials that will not result in structural damage or other health problems. Although most Arizona mold inspectors are not licensed building contractors, they are qualified to provide important guidance to owners and businesses when necessary.

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