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3 Reasons DIY Mold Removal Doesn’t Always Work in Arizona

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Seeing mold in the house is annoying for some and scary for others. Many people are growing more aware of the dangerous consequences. As a result, they attempt to tackle the problems right away on their own. While it is important to eliminate mold, doing so without the help of professionals can lead to recurring issues. Consider how some of these common methods don’t always work in the long term when it comes to mold removal.

1. Cleaning the Mold

Wiping up the mold with household cleaners might make the substance go away temporarily. However, the issue is often deeper than cleaner. A leak might be present somewhere in the house, or the room might not have enough ventilation. If it appears again shortly after cleaning it up, having the situation addressed by professionals is truly the smartest decision.

2. Painting over the Mold

Another popular method is to purchase mold-resistant paint and to cover it up. This strategy can work, but it also may just provide a shield to a problem that is still growing. In other words, the mold may still exist under the paint. Just because homeowners can’t see it doesn’t mean that it has vanished. In fact, it may eventually be so strong that it appears despite the paint.

3. Putting a Temporary Fix on the Problem

Some homeowners are aware that deeper problems are the cause of the mold. For example, they may not have great ventilation in their bathroom, so they decide to blow a fan into it to help with the moisture for a few days. This problem may help for a little while, but it is also not a long-term solution. They may need to look into having a fan installed in the bathroom to help.

It’s important that homeowners get rid of mold when they see this substance creeping into their houses. However, they should know that washing it away is not necessarily a long-term solution to the problem. Instead, they need to call us for professional help so that our mold removal specialists in Arizona can identify the cause of the problem and eliminate the harmful mold from the house.

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