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Top 3 Arizona Flood Damage Tips

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flood damage

Flood damage costs Americans billions of dollars each year, but you can protect your home and financial security by taking steps to prevent serious leaks. Although certain types of water damage are unpreventable or even commonplace (particularly environmental disasters) for some, most occurs because people are unaware of the causes and warning signs.

Keep Roots From Clogging Your Sewage
Trees extend their slender roots toward the nearest source of water, which in most cases, is the sewage pipes running underneath your home. Once these roots begin absorbing water, they will start to grow longer and denser, and will eventually transform into a plumbing nightmare. The most effective solution is to have your system inspected either periodically or immediately upon the first sign of trouble. If this network of vines is allowed to expand inside your pipes, it could lead to extensive and costly repairs.

Avoiding Cluttering Sink and Toilet Drains
Flooding often results from a build-up of seemingly harmless objects, but becoming mindful of debris that slips into your drains can help prevent undesirable consequences. Hair, food, and paper towels top the list of culprits commonly piling into drains and pipes. The more they accumulate and the deeper into your plumbing system they seep, the more difficult and costly they will be to remove. Always remind family members to avoid stuffing insoluble objects of any size down sinks and toilets, and if you notice a slowdown in drainage, consult a professional as soon as possible.

Watch for Leaky Pipes
Pipe leaks can sometimes be among the most difficult plumbing issues to anticipate. Although these leaks, called “pinhole leaks”, are likely to be small, they can occur in numerous places throughout the house. Copper pipes are not only particularly vulnerable to this type of damage, but they are still used more commonly than any other material. Over time and after pipes have experienced continued abuse from high-pressure water flow, chloramines, and mold, leaks become inevitable. By understanding how to detect warning signs such as stains near ceilings, faucet drips, and musty odors, you can competently prevent water damage before it ruins your home.

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