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Trust us to help your clients with water damage.

Water Damage Phoenix | Water Damage Restoration in Phoenix, Mesa, and Gilbert AZ

You and your agency invest heavily in marketing and reputation to attract new clients. When you attract a new client, it is critically important that this client has a great experience.  Their experience determines renewals and new referrals.

Every insurance carrier has a list of “preferred vendors”.  These “vendors” work for the carriers.  These “vendors” are at the mercy of the carriers and what terms the carriers dictate.  They do not work for YOU, or YOUR CLIENT.   

Rocky Mountain Restoration is looking to partner with local insurance agencies that recognize the value of happy clients. Our mission is to make you look good by providing your clients with premiere customer service. Unlike the list of preferred restoration companies, our goal is first and foremost to take care of the homeowner.  Frankly, at times the carriers do not agree with us, but happy clients are more important to us than the endorsement of the carriers.  We listen to the customer and we work to ensure that THEIR concerns are addressed.  Then we work with the carrier on the back side to make sure that the loss is covered.  

Our commitment to premiere customer experience starts with the first phone call. Whether it is you, your staff or the homeowner that calls Rocky Mountain Restoration, a manager will answer the call live 24/7. No frustrating answering service or voice mail and then hope that they call you back. Then our Clean Guys team of highly trained technicians respond. Our average response time in the greater Phoenix area is less than 60 minutes.

Once on site, our professional Clean Guys team will assess the damage, recommend the best course of action to mitigate the damage and advise the homeowner on the process, including working with the agent to determine if the incident is claim worthy. From there our professional staff will continue to advise the homeowner, and you, throughout the process.  Please check out our online reviews.

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