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5 Signs of Water and Flood Damage on Floors and Basement

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When you move into a new house and realize a wet basement, you are most likely to panic and think that your investment will go down the drain. Water damage in the basement is often quite difficult to detect. Some home sellers deliberately hide the information about a damp basement. Home inspectors may fail to notice the signs of leaky basements during the dry season.

In Feb. 2017, a survey on the status of property in the United States showed that 55% of U.S. homeowners live in homes with wet basements. 77% of the renters did not know that their new homes had soaking basements.

The Red Flags of a Compromised Foundation

Your home is sturdy and able to withstand hurricanes and floods only if the foundation is intact. When the basement becomes damp, you must prepare for a moldy house and endless health challenges. To prevent the loss of your lovely home, you must think about basement waterproofing and preventative measures without delays.

Uneven floors: First, inspect the floor for any signs of sloping and unevenness. Should you see the floor becoming separated from the wall, you must plan for basement repairs. The failure to address the signs of saturation on the ground that your house stands on can lead to extensive water damage.

Breakages on the foundation blocks: When you inspect the exterior bricks and notice broken blocks, it means the possibility of some pressure build up and that there is water working against the foundation. The cracks on the underground slabs that are wider than the quarter of an inch, as well as step stairs cleavages, pose a serious problem.

Cracked moldings: The other red flags to look out for are displaced moldings. Even a fractured molding will show that your house needs repairs and water proofing.

Wall cracks, mold on walls and bowing: You can tell that there is water damage if you locate split paneling, peeling wallpaper, large cracks, bowed ceiling, and ceiling separation.

Crooked doors and windows: When you cannot open your windows and doors effortlessly, it may be an indication of a shifted underground blocks that arise from water damage. You will need to find out if there are door frame separation and some sinking of the window and door frames.

Consult the Basement waterproofing Professionals

Waterproofing experts can efficiently address the issues of a wet basement and water leakages. A water damage and flood restoration contractor can repair, clean, and dry your basement to save you from any calamity during the rainy seasons.

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