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5 Dangers Of Failing To Address Water Damage

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Excessive water accumulation often proves harmful to constructions like homes and buildings. If not properly attended to, the abundant element could precipitate a host of potentially serious problems.

Rocky Mountain Restoration, which provides emergency water removal services to the homeowners of Phoenix and surrounding Arizona regions, invites residential and commercial owners to read on for a discussion about the hazards failing to remediate water damage may yield.


In many instances, standing water becomes infiltrated with harmful pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and other microscopic organisms capable of producing various illnesses. Restoration industry professionals maintain this is especially true in the wake of sewage backups or sewer line obstructions.

Common ailments often produced by such events include hepatitis and a host of digestive maladies. The very young, old, or those with compromised immune systems are particularly susceptible to experiencing serious complications as a result of contracting said sicknesses.

Compromised Electrical Systems

Structural proprietors are urged to remember that water is an electrical conductor. Therefore, should said substance penetrate into electrical wiring, serious, potentially dangerous events like blown fuses, damaged breaker boxes, and even fires could result.

Substance Growth

Unchecked water damage often precipitates the growth of possibly perilous materials such as mildew and mold. These lifeforms are capable of producing upper respiratory symptoms and skin reactions in sensitive subjects. Additionally, those with underlying respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses could experience potentially life-threatening exacerbations or complications when exposed to such substances.

Chemical Exposure

Water entering the victimized construction from the outdoors might have encountered countless chemicals. Moreover, upon entrance into spaces like basements and garages, water might mix with household products capable of damaging property or inhibiting the health of those coming into contact with it.

Structural Damage

Water is notorious for its capacity to damage structural components like wood, sheetrock, walls, ceilings, roofs, and foundations. Over time, a property’s structural integrity could be compromised, which could place those residing in or frequenting said locations in extreme danger.

Contacting Us

The water damage professionals at Rocky Mountain Restoration possess experience handling a wide array of water-induced damages. Property owners who have experienced any type of water damage should not hesitate to initiate swift, professional cleanup efforts. Please visit for an overview of our company and the duties we perform.

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