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5 Common Causes of Water Damage

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Water damage leads to mold proliferation, strange odors, and broken fixtures and house structures but more troubling are the potential health concerns it creates for each person in the household. Learning the causes of water damage gives homeowners a chance to fight back against the trouble to protect their homes.

Most common causes of water damage in the home include:

Plumbing Leaks: Leaking pipes cause more water damage than any other issue. Call a plumber for pipe repairs at the first sign of damage, in turn minimizing the risks of water damage.

Gutters: Neglecting the house gutters eventually leads to clogs that create problems when water flows through the downspout. Clogged gutters create a myriad of potential problems at the home, particularly with water and mold damage.

Burst Pipes: Most commonly a wintertime issue, burst pipes can create pools of water underneath the home. Left untreated, mold damage and other concerns may result.

A/C Problems: A leaking air conditioning unit may also lead to serious water damage throughout the house. With proper A/C care, you will greatly reduce the risk of water damage.

Septic Tank: Backup and septic tank issues can also lead to numerous types of water damage at your home. Not only do septic tank issues threaten water damage, but they also cause hideous odors and damages to various fixtures.

If you notice water damage in the home, call a professional immediately. Prompt attention to water damage lessens the risks to the home and provides you with added peace of mind. Home is where the heart is, and you owe it to yourself to protect this sacred connection.

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