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4 Steps To Take In The Event Of A Flooded Basement

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Many homeowners experience the nightmarish scenario of entering their basement and discovering the space is flooded. Such a sight often precipitates anger, confusion and frustration. That said, the steps impacted individuals execute in the minutes and hours to follow could play a significant role in limiting associated damage.

Rocky Mountain Restoration, which provides water damage remediation services to the homeowners and commercial businesses of Phoenix, Arizona and the city’s many suburbs, invites home and building owners to read this brief blog suggesting several steps said proprietors should take in the event of a flooded basement.

Secure The Environment

Before executing any other action, one must ensure the surrounding environment is secure. Excessive water could precipitate electrical concerns or exercise an adverse impact upon surrounding gas lines or other energy sources. Therefore, the property owner is strongly urged to contact an electrician and their local gas company. These professionals can assess the potential associated hazards and take any needed precautionary measures, such as shutting off electrical or gas sources.

Stop The Flood

Once the environment is secure, responsible parties must identify the flooding source and exercise cessation techniques. Occasionally, this process will be straightforward, such as in the case of a burst pipe of leaking water heater. Said occurrences warrant an immediate call to a trusted plumbing contractor. However, at other times, the origin of a sudden influx of water might be harder to identify. That said, preventing more serious problems hinges on locating and correcting the issue.

Salvage Valuable Property

Provided the environment is safe and the items in question are not too damaged, property owners are encouraged to snare any valuable assets and remove such holdings from harm’s way. Even the slightest water damage could render certain items worthless. Ergo, one should not hesitate to salvage any piece of property that has not been significantly defiled.

Contact A Water Restoration Company

Regardless of the scope, unwarranted water accumulation can cause immediate property damage and precipitate potentially serious health issues. Therefore, impacted subjects are urged to contact local water restoration specialists as soon as possible. Representatives from said companies can perform a thorough evaluation and determine the most appropriate remedial actions.

Contacting Us

Phoenix area residents who have experienced a significant flooding event are encouraged to contact us. We have served the community for many years and possess experience handling a variety of properties and flooding circumstances. Call Rocky Mountain Restoration if you need help with a flooded basement in the Phoenix, AZ metro area.

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