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4 Important Tips for Dealing with Water Damage

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Water damage is something that most homeowners will only deal with one or two times throughout their lives. Unfortunately, the first time is often the worst because most members of the household don’t know what to do. With the tips and advice below, you can be prepared for this situation if flooding ever occurs in your Phoenix, AZ home.

1. Eliminate the Source of Water

In situations where there’s a broken pipe or broken appliance, it’s important to turn off the water inside your home and call a Phoenix Plumber. This will stop the cause of the water so flooding will discontinue. If flooding is caused by inclement weather, then wait to enter the home until the rain has stopped.

2. Determine the Safety

If flooding was caused by an overflowing toilet or any other source that puts bacteria-ridden water inside the home, then avoid stepping inside. Instead, it’s best to hire a restoration professional who can come in with the proper safety gear to wear inside of the house. They will also have the tools that are necessary to clean the home so the bacteria and any possible dangers are eliminated.

3. Call for Help

While you can get started removing water if it’s safe to do so, it’s highly recommended to have a restoration professional come to your home right away. At Rocky Mountain Restoration, we know how important it is to tackle this type of disaster right away. That’s why we offer quick response times and 24/7 service for residents in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas.

4. Decide What to Keep

When flooding occurs, the severity of the damage depends on the amount of water and how long it’s left inside the home. Work with your restoration professional to determine what you can keep and what should be removed. They will also give you advice about which materials in the home can be saved and which will need to be replaced.

Recover Your Home the Right Way

If you experience water damage in Phoenix, AZ, don’t go through the situation alone. Call our team at Rocky Mountain Restoration and we can help you with everything from drying to replacing materials. Ultimately, our goal is to make your home whole and safe again.

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