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4 Health Effects of Mold From Water Damage

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Insurance Accepted Water Removal Water damage affects approximately 40 percent of homeowners due to leaks or pipes that burst inside of the building. The water is known to damage furniture and personal belongings in the home, but can also lead to mold that begins to grow after several days. Neglecting water damage or mold can result in several health conditions and symptoms for residents in the home.


Bronchitis can quickly develop for those who spend a significant amount of time in buildings where mold is present. The air passages in the lungs can become inflamed once the mold spores are inhaled, which needs to be treated with antibiotics while also avoiding continued exposure to the mold.

Respiratory Illnesses

Many people may have difficulty breathing while in proximity to the mold and can also begin to cough or sneeze. Nausea, vomiting, and nosebleeds may also develop once you begin to breathe in the air and spend several hours in the setting. In severe cases, bleeding of the lungs can form, which can be life-threatening and requires immediate medical attention. Other people may feel like their lungs are weak or can have difficulty breathing without feeling chest pressure. Those who have asthma may begin to suffer from asthma attacks on a more frequent basis.

Frequent Headaches

Persistent headaches are another side effect of mold exposure and can last throughout the day. Some people may find relief by leaving the building and getting fresh air. Chronic fatigue can accompany the headaches, making it difficult to have high energy levels. You may also become more sensitive to light.

Over time, you may also begin to suffer from a poor memory and can have difficulty thinking clearly.


Skin irritations are common due to mold spores, which can lead to rashes and itching. Irritation of the eyes is an additional side effect and can result in redness that forms while spending time in the contaminated environment. Unusual skin sensations like tingling and numbness can also begin to develop on different areas of the body that become exposed to the home’s air.

Avoid touching mold that is present in the home and consult the help of a professional to treat the affected areas of the building. It’s important to wear a face mask when accessing the property to avoid breathing in the mold spores.

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